Lose Weight Easily. Live longer. Be Healthier

A simple weight loss plan that fits into everyone’s daily lives

  • No calorie counting or restrictive eatingebook-cover_web
  • Eat as much as you like of the food we were designed to eat
  • No fad diets or complicated recipes
  • Simple changes that make a big difference
  • Never go to bed hungry, but still fast for 24-hours
  • Eat with you family
  • No need to spend hours weighing and preparing food

Fast 4: Life takes the best elements of the most effective diets, bringing together intermittent fasting, the revolutionary weight loss method made popular in other fast diets such as 5:2, warrior diet and alternative day fasting, combining it with a way of eating as much as you like of the foods that we were designed to eat (paleo diets), and creating a program that is both easy to follow, and highly effective.

Simple Changes to everyday life

By making a few simple changes you will enjoy:

  • Significant weight loss, initially rapidly, then sustainable in the long term.
  • Huge health benefits
  • A longer life

Personal experience

Based on Richard’s personal incredible weight loss experience of losing 70lbs of fat and keeping it off, and 1’000s of hours of research. Fast4: Life is a comprehensive weight loss and health based way of eating that will fit into everyones day to day lives.

Unlike 5:2, and other intermittent dieting programs, Fast4: Life puts you in a proper fully fasted state giving you much greater health and fat burning benefits.

The Fast4: Life 3 part program:

  • Phase 1, Blast: Lose weight rapidly initially
  • Phase 2, Burn: Sustainable long-term weight loss
  • Phase 3, Maintainance: To ensure that the weight doesn’t go back on

Learn about:

  • What food to eat and what to avoid
  • How to easily overcome hunger
  • A simple trick that allows you to eat everyday, and go to bed full, but still to do 24-hour fasts
  • How to measure and track your progress, whilst keeping motivated.
  • Great tips on how to make fasting as easy as possible
  • Why eating a little is sometimes harder than eating nothing for short periods
  • The huge health benefits of intermittent fasting combined with eating the foods we were designed to eat
  • Tips on training for weight loss and a sample program

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