Paleo eating, some simple rules

In this post I will talk about how to easily implement a Paleo diet with just a few simpletweaks to how you are already eating.

Firstly, Paleo should not be restrictive in terms of quantities and calories. Your body is very smart so listen to it and eat what it tells you you need.

Secondly, following a very strict Paleo diet, which admirable and worth striving for, in modern society can be difficult at times. Therefore I suggest you aim to move as close to Paleo as possible but without the faff.

The easiest way to approach it is to take each meal in turn:


Scrambed eggs and fruit

  • Eat eggs and fruit.
  • Or Yoghurt with nuts and seed.
  • Plus large glass of water and black tea or coffee

Eggs can be scrambled (my personal favourite – 3 eggs, a bit of water (or a dab of milk), whisk them up and 3 minutes in the microwave – job done!), poached, hard-boiled etc.

No cereal or toast.


  • Large green salad with lean meat or fish
  • Or hearty soup/stew (sorry no bread)
  • Large glass of water


  • Eat as normal, but lose any heavy carbs such as potatoes, pasta, rice or bread, and go heavy on the meat and vegetables.
  • Desert – fruit.
  • Large glass of water


  • Handful of Nuts and some fruit (apples are great)
  • Large glass of water (often our bodies mistake thirst as hunger)

If you find that you get hungry at a certain time, or snack consistently, take your good snacks with you and eat them before the time that the hunger attacks.


  • Lost of water, black coffee or black tea.

Things to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Diary
  • Sugar
  • Cereals, grains, starchy carbs
  • Added salt
  • Processed food


Finally, I will mention that I don’t intend to take all the fun out of eating, though you will find that your taste buds adapt and you enjoy eating healthily more and more, especially after you break your sugar addiction, but we will also add in a cheat day. More on that later.

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