My Story

The start of my story, I think is a fairly common one. As a kid I was fit, healthy and active. After leaving college I got a job in an office and it was largely down hill from there. Sitting at my desk for most of the day, followed by getting married and just a few years later children. All of which conspired to mean that I didn’t do enough exercise, ate too much of the wrong stuff, drank too much and surprise surprise I got fat.

Fat meThis is me in my mid 30’s (clutching chocolate eggs!).  Sorry for the poor quality image, but I wasn’t keen on being photographed and never thought I would be starting a weight loss blog. At the time I hade a 48 inch waist and was incredibly unfit and unhealthy. I also had lost a lot of my confidence and energy, spent evenings sat in front of the TV, watching life go by.

I can’t truthfully say what the spark was that made me want to sort my life out, probably just an acceptance that enough was enough of not really liking myself or what I had become.

I started by cutting out the junk food and wine, and started to exercise, initially training to do a triathlon, all of this had some effect but not enough and I just ended up skinny fat, and as soon as I stopped training the weight went straight back on.

Over time I found better ways to lose the weight and keep it off. This revolved around 3 core areas: (In order of importance)

  • Fasting
  • Diet (Cutting out the carbs and eating well, lots of good healthy food with no restrictions on amounts)
  • Training, specifically strength training, kettlebells and hiking. Definitely no boring long slow cardio workouts.

Tough mudderI have managed to keep off the weight and enjoy pushing myself doing different challenges. This picture is of me last year (now early 40′s) whilst completing a Tough Mudder – a 13 mile extreme obstactle course, having just been through a skip full of ice!! I have lost over 5 stone of fat, and 16 inches off my waist.

Having lost a lot of weight, people always ask how I did it, which turned into sharing my experiences and giving advice, a few years later I decided to start this blog, and the rest the say is history.